A small-size health system technology company addressing major needs in secure health data sharing wanted to build presence in the marketplace


Secure Exchange Solutions (SES)


Help a healthcare technology company that lacked industry presence and a clear strategic path forward build a strategy to gain marketplace exposure and recognition.


Grayscale used its expertise in communications, marketing and PR to develop a strategic business communications plan and roadmap that provided direction and focus for the organization.


Secure Exchange Solutions received a refined brand vision, strategy and messaging hierarchy that enabled the organization to generate industry momentum, grow its footprint and secure several large contracts and partnerships.


Secure Exchange Solutions is increasingly benefiting from appropriate recognition in key trade media outlets and social media outreach, specifically enjoying new relationships from target third-party companies interested in exploring collaborations.


The organization was challenged with how to effectively communicate the value proposition of their product offerings and lacked consistency in messaging.

Grayscale worked with SES to advise the executive leadership team on areas for focus, key milestones to achieve and a developed a long-term strategy for the organization to meet their established goals. The work involved a combination of advisory and strategic direction, business communications planning and message development to streamline messaging across their outreach channels.


Grayscale partners applied their longtime health industry, technology and branding experience to cost-effectively prepare executable and cost-effective recommendations.