Grayscale supports national health care non-profit in updating its three-year strategy


National Health Council (NHC)


Founded in 1920, the National Health Council provides a united voice for the more than 160 million people with chronic diseases and disabilities and their family caregivers. NHC membership consists of more than 125 diverse national health-related organizations and businesses.

The National Health Council (NHC), based in Washington, DC, conducts a thorough long-range strategic planning process every three years. NHC required the expertise of an outside, qualified partner in working with its board Strategic Planning Task Force to design and facilitate a planning process for its strategic plan development for 2019-2021 term.

Getting the new National Health Council strategic plan “right” mattered more than ever due to the changing health landscape in Washington and particularly volatile political climate. The Strategic Plan needed to integrate flexibility and nimbleness with dogged resolve in pursuing the NHC mission.


Employing a custom approach, the Grayscale team reviewed results from the current plan to use as a baseline. Next, the team conducted nearly 40 telephone interviews with NHC leaders and key staff as well as created and fielded an online survey gathering views of more than 70 NHC-member leaders to obtain a cross-section understanding of NHC’s priorities and potential future directions.

Grayscale managed the process from inception to completion, including conducting meetings with NHC’s Strategic Planning Task Force and presenting results throughout the process to the NHC’s Board of Directors. Activities included facilitating a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis with the Task Force as well as guiding the Task Force through a scenario planning exercise.


All members of the Strategic Planning Task Force agreed that each had played an important role in the planning process. The three-year Strategic Plan developed for the 2019-2021 period included goals, strategies, outcomes and metrics. The Strategic Plan was presented to and approved by the NHC Board of Directors in December 2018.


The careful creation of the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan will ensure that the National Health Council and its hundreds of member organizations work together in coordinated design and process to enhance the lives of Americans with chronic diseases and disabilities.


The NHC’s Strategic Plan sets the stage for its critical work. The Plan needed to be a road map for success and for the progress that will help counter and overcome challenges to access and quality of care for millions of Americans with chronic diseases and disabilities through NHC’s programs and public policy.

Also, the Plan needed to make clear the commitment to expanding the reach and impact of the Council’s mission-critical public policy work.


The partners of Grayscale brought decades of non-profit health association and patient advocacy group leadership and volunteer experience to bear on behalf of the NHC.